Intended use

An infrared thermometer. It can be used to measure both body temperature (forehead) and object surface without touching

General Features

  • The large screen has LED display and sound notifications

  • Can measure many things such as body temperature and object surface temperature. 

Technical Features

  • Body Temperature Mode: 34.0-43.0°C

  • Accuracy: ±0.3°C  (0.6°F)

  • Measure object temperature 5.0-95.0 degrees Celsius

  • Resolution 0.1 degrees Celsius (0.1 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • Storage enviroment (-20.0-55.0) CelsiusRH less than or equal to 93%

  • Power requirements  2 AAA  Battery

  • Up to 20 measurement values ​​can be stored, the measurement values ​​are automatically saved

  • Display screen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

  • The device will automatically turn off 30 sec.

Distributed by AMK medical Co.,Ltd
228 Suksawat road,Bangpakok, Ratburana,Bangkok,Thailand 10140


Read the warning label and medical device leaflet before use

Body temperature should not be measured 30 minutes after eating. exercise or shower