Digital Blood Pressure BSX568

Intended use

It is a machine for measuring blood pressure automatically

General Features

  • Can be used to measure both blood pressure and Pulse.

Technical Features

  • Display screen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

  • Blood pressure measurement range 0-290 mm Hg and pulse rate 40-180 beats per minute

  • Up to 99 measurement values ​​x2 people can be stored, the measurement values ​​are automatically saved

  • Tolerance for blood pressure measurement ±3 mmHg and pulse rate ±5% of reading

  • Power requirements Battery AA (1.5V) or USB Adaptor 

  • The screen displays the date, time, pressure, systolic, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, blood pressure level bar, abnormal heartbeat symbol, low battery symbol

  • The device will automatically turn off if it is not used for 30 seconds when using batteries

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Read the warning label and medical device leaflet before use.