Intended use

an oxygen concentrator for home use work with electricity Using Pressure Adsorbtion Technology (PSA) principle

General Features

The oxygen flow rate can be adjusted (1-3 liters/min).

Technical Features

  • Dimensions(mm)  314*240*515 mm.

  • Net Weight 13.9 kg.

  • Flow Rate 1 – 3 ltr./min

  • Oxygen Concentration 93 ± 3%

  • Outlet Pressure 40-80 kPa

  • Sound Level 45 dBA Range 1 meter.

  • Electrical Requirement(V/Hz) 220 , 50 Hz±1

  • Power Consumption(W) 390 

  • The screen has the total active time. set time of use

  • Malfunction warning light lower oxygen concentration 82%

  • With nebulizer function

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Read the warning label and medical device leaflet before use. Users must be advised by a medical professional. The oxygen received from the machine increases the oxygen concentration. But it’s not a life saving device Because oxygen is a combustion catalyst. Therefore, it should be kept away from heat or flame. Not suitable for use with nitrous oxide gas for general anesthesia. no smoking or other people who smoke in the vicinity of the machine while it is activated