Phlegm suction machine BR-SM153

Intended use

It is intended to suck phlegm out of the patient’s respiratory tract. drainage from the chest cavity gynecological drainage It is used during surgery in the operating room. beside the patient’s bed (under the supervision of a doctor)

General Features

  • It is a phlegm sucker with high air flow

  • with anti-overflow valve to prevent liquid from entering the pump

Technical Features

  • Electrical Requirement(V/Hz) 220 , 50 Hz±1

  • Range of negative pressure greater than or equal to 75 KPa

  • Air flow rate greater than or equal to 16 liters per minute

  • Waste container with a capacity of 1000 ml.

  • The machine while working has a sound pressure level of not more than 60 decibels (A).

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Read the warning label and medical device leaflet before use.

The person who can use the machine must be guided by a medical professional.